Red Faction: Armageddon gets pushed back to June 7

| Apr 28, 2011

But the demo will arrive on May 3.

Those looking to cause destruction in Red Faction: Armageddon will have to wait an extra week. THQ has announced that the game has been pushed back from its May 31 release date to June 7 in North America, while the international release date has also been pushed back from June 3 to June 10.

THQ gave no reason for the delay, although the demo for Armageddon will be available for the 360 on May 3, while the PS3 demo will be available on the same day (or whenever the PSN is back online).  The demo will give players access to the Nano Forge – which allows you to reconstruct things instead of just destroying them – and the Magnet Gun, which lets you hurl entire buildings.

While the new weapons sound interesting they don’t sound nearly as satisfying as taking down an entire building with nothing but a sledgehammer.

Source: JoyStiq

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