Your Trophies are still intact, and other PSN answers from Sony

| Apr 29, 2011

What services should you expect when the PSN is back online?

Sony has released another PSN Q&A, and this time they’ve addressed user concerns about some of the PSN’s non-financial features. For example, they’ve confirmed that download histories, friends lists, settings, and PS+ cloud saves will not be affected by the PSN outage, while all trophy information is still intact and any trophies earned during the downtime will simply need to be synced once the network is back online.

Sony is also looking at ways to make up to the fans who have been unable to play their favorite games. The company previously announced plans to “make good” with players of DC Universe Online and Free Realms once the system is back up, and is currently evaluating additional ways to thank non-MMO players for their “extraordinary patience” during the network’s downtime.

I’d say that if Sony really wants to make things up to its player base, a free game or two would definitely be appreciated. Because let’s face it. Nothing says ‘I’m sorry’ like free stuff.

Source: PlayStation