BioShock Infinite gets novella prequel

| Jan 22, 2013
BioShock Infinite gets novella prequel - 2013-01-22 15:44:08

BioShock Infinite’s new prequel novella ‘Mind in Revolt’ will take a different turn, as it dives into the psychological examination of one of the games main characters.

This novella will hit for Amazon Kindle on Feb.12 for only $2.99, and will be free for anyone who pre-order Infinite through Amazon. According to Irrational Games, the ‘Mind in Revolt’ novella will act as a prequel to the game that’s set to come out in March.

The 40-page novella will give readers a look into Columbia, the city in the sky, and is written by Irrational Games writer Joe Fielder along with Creative Director Ken Levine.

“Since we first announced BioShock Infinite, our fans have asked for more information about Columbia and the complex cast of characters that inhabit the floating city,” said Fielder in a press release. “After reading the e-book, players will have a better understanding of BioShock Infinite’s world, the struggle between its factions, and the motivations of key characters, like rebel leader Daisy Fitzroy, without spoiling the mysteries of BioShock Infinite.”

Like most videogame novels, this is meant to give players more insight into the game and to better understand characters. For free or for $2.99 fans of the BioShock franchise should definitely give the novella a quick read if they  want to know more about the world of Columbia. 

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