Benjamin Rivers thinking about making a psychological dating sim

  • Ustad Khaira | 
    Mar 28, 2013
Benjamin Rivers Thinking About Making A Psychological Dating Sim - 2013-03-28 18:14:59

Benjamin Rivers, a Toronto based independent game developer and the maker of last year’s Home, wants his next project to be a dating game with a psychological twist.

In an interview given to Joystiq, Rivers said he made a joke on Twitter about his next game taking that turn and he received a positive reaction from followers. Instead of focusing on horror like in Home, this next title will try to create an emotional investment from the player.

“I want to basically take a game that makes you feel as cool as you do in Persona, as far as relationships, [being] as connected,” Rivers said to Joystiq, “but see if I can do it without making it so video game-y, but still make it where people maybe even have a more powerful reaction because they buy in.”

No actual details on the game are available aside from that speculation, but we’ll keep you updated here at Comics & Gaming if anything is announced.



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