DLC’s Added to McFarlane Toys’ Second Halo 4 Series

| Apr 3, 2013
DLC's Added to McFarlane Toys' Second Halo 4 Series - 2013-04-03 20:48:11

Halo 4’s exclusive DLC characters will be included in McFarlane Toys’ second installment of action figures dedicated to the popular science fiction franchise.

Master Chief, Elite Ranger, Storm Jackal and two other Spartans will have toys created in their likenesses. A nine-inch Didact model will be available for the fall.

According McFarlane Toys’ official blog post, there are no revelations in regards to the DLC’s exact nature. There will be information later on the specifics. Notably speaking, DLC’s weren’t included in McFarlane Toys’ first Halo 4 action figure run.

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