Can the Ouya Reign Supreme Against Console Bigwigs?

 |  Raynika Awotwi
Can the Ouya Reign Supreme Against Console Bigwigs? - 2013-04-16 20:33:35

With E3 happening June 11-13, gaming industry professionals are looking forward to finding out the latest in developments and releases.

Making its debut seven days before the gaming expo is the Ouya (pronounced OOU-yah). Seemingly uncanny in name, but not much so in appearance, Ouya’s CEO Julie Uhrman markets the Android-powered, Kickstarter-backed console to be the alternative to much-anticipated heavyweights such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox720.

Alex Roth of says he is doubtful of the Ouya’s power against the aforementioned console magnates. The fate of the Ouya is twofold. To explore the different sides, here’s five reasons why the Ouya can either succeed or fail, with each point countering one another.





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