Remaining THQ Assets Auctioned

  • Ustad Khaira | 
    Apr 19, 2013
Remaining Thq Assets Auctioned - 2013-04-19 20:54:41

The remaining assets of THQ have now been auctioned off. Anything that remained following February’s property auction was available for interested parties to bid on until Apr. 15.

Polygon reports that if the bids are approved, which would go through by the middle of May, they would bring in between $6-7 million.

Properties that were up for grabs included some big names that didn’t go in the previous auction. Details on the results of the process aren’t available at this time but the properties that were available for bidding are:


Red Faction



– Owned software (Big Beach Sports, Destroy All Humans!, Summoner)

– Licensed software (Marvel Super Hero, Super Commander, Worms)

While not initially interested in purchasing the Darksiders IP, Crytek recently said they feel the property should be reunited with the the creators (former Vigil employees formed a studio named Crytek USA).

Keep reading Comics & Gaming for more news, including the details of the transactions as they become available.



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