AOL Shuts Down ComicsAlliance

  • Raynika Awotwi | 
    Apr 29, 2013
AOL Shuts Down ComicsAlliance - 2013-04-29 20:02:56

ComicsAlliance, the popular website for comics and comic culture, has been shut down today by AOL.


There were a series of factors that indicated ComicsAlliance’s unfortunate end, according to Comics Beat. Firstly was the lack of regular updates on its official website. Second, the hosted podcast, War Rocket Ajax, was going to be redirected to an independent site away from ComicsAlliance’s own site. A tweet from Moviefone editor Alex Suskin confirmed ComicsAlliance’s closure.

Founded by Laura Hudson, ComicsAlliance is regarded as one of the top comic websites, housing some of the boldest and fiery staff. There will be more information as soon as it comes available.


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