Evo Tournament Creators Launch Kickstarter

Evo Tournament Creators Launch Kickstarter - 2013-04-29 19:02:05
| Apr 29, 2013

Tom Cannon and his twin-brother—co-founders of the Evo fighting tournament series—have launched a Kickstarter today that encapsulates their passion for geeky simulation games.


Stonehearth, as described by Cannon, is a combination of complex situations with the 16-bit feel of RPGs from childhood, all powered with some serious back-end technology. Players can build their cities brick-by-brick and grow their economies, all while fending off goblin enemies and amassing wealth.

The game will start from procedurally generated terrain, with dynamic AI encounters deriving from the models of old-school Dungeons & Dragons adventure modules. Stonehearth will combine city simulation and combat with endless building possibilities. This includes shareable modding at every level, from players’ own cities down to its inhabitants.

Visit stonehearth.net for more information, including gaming demos and project updates.