Molyneux: The next Xbox should be a games first console

Former creative director of Microsoft Games and current 22cans boss Peter Molyneux has been keeping his eye on Microsoft’s next-gen console and, according to an interview he did with Edge, the Fable creator wants the next Xbox to be a games-first platform.

“This is my personal feeling as a gamer. What I would do is double-down on what this console is for: it’s for playing games. It’s for playing console games for this massive, incredibly loyal audience of gamers out there. When they start to mix all this other stuff in there I’m kind of slightly like: ‘look, I don’t want another way of looking at Facebook.’ You know, I’ve got all the ways of looking at Facebook. I don’t want another way of looking at Netflix. Just give me what I’ve paid my £299 for, and that is to play amazing, incredible computer games.”

Before he left Microsoft, Molyneux made notions that he knew what the new Xbox will be but that was months ago and a lot can certainly change.

From what we do know about the next-gen Xbox, Molyneux’s wish likely isn’t going to come true as Microsoft has promised that the May 21 reveal date for their new platform will “…mark the beginning of a new generation of games, TV and entertainment.”