EA enters into exclusive agreement with Disney to create Star Wars games

  • Steven Loung | 
    May 6, 2013
Ea Enters Into Exclusive Agreement With Disney To Create Star Wars Games 1

Those who liken Electronic Arts to the Galactic Empire in Star Wars just got a bundle of new material of which to make memes with.


It was announced on Monday that EA has locked up an exclusive license with the Walt Disney Company to publish and develop Star Wars games.

According to the release of this announcement, EA will be pushing out games for the “core gaming audience,” while Disney Interactive teams will continue to focus on the casual and mobile space.

The release also states that EA studios DICE and Visceral will be the development houses taking care of the new Star Wars games with BioWare also in the mix to continue its work with the franchise.

Last month, Disney closed LucasArts for good. That studio was working on the critically well-received Star Wars 1313 as well as the Battlefield-inspired, Star Wars: First Assault.

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