GameStop Ceases to Accept PS2 Trade-Ins as of June 1

GameStop Ceases to Accept PS2 Trade-Ins as of June 1 - 2013-05-06 13:40:19
| May 6, 2013

In tandem with Sony no longer producing PlayStation 2 game consoles in Japan, GameStop will stop accepting PlayStation 2 games, accessories or systems as of June 1.

Joystiq reported yesterday a Reddit user by the name of eGORapTure took a snapshot of the GameStop display concerning the fate of PlayStation 2 paraphernalia. Since then, Joystiq has contacted and confirmed GameStop will not be accepting PlayStation 2 items across U.S. retail locations.

The PlayStation 2 has sold 150 million units worldwide within the span of 13 years. The next-generation console, PlayStation 4, was unveiled this February and is set to be showcased at the GameStop Expo on Aug. 28. It is most likely, then, the PlayStation 4 will be shown at this year’s E3.

Update: GameStop’s corporate office has confirmed the end of PlayStation 2 trade-ins. They also clarifed in a statement to Engadget that PlayStation 2 games, accessories and systems would continue to be sold at its retail locations for “several months” until remaining stock is depleted.