Shadow of the Eternals Adds Kickstarter to Crowdfunding Campaign

  • Raynika Awotwi | 
    May 14, 2013
Shadow of the Eternals Adds Kickstarter to Crowdfunding Campaign 1

Precursor Games launched a Kickstarter campaign yesterday in conjunction with their own, as means of providing substantial funding for Shadow of the Eternals.


“Due to overwhelming popular demand, we are happy to announce that an official Kickstarter campaign has launched for Shadow of the Eternals [sic],” a campaign update via Shadow’s campaign website reads. “This gives potential pledgers even more options to contribute to the game.”

According to Shadow’s campaign website, only 23 days remain until backers can pledge $1.5 million. Precursor’s Kickstarter website, however, accounts for more extension—backers have until June 19 to pledge $1,350,000.

Shadow of the Eternals is described by Precursor as the spiritual successor to the 2002 survival horror game, Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem. Silicon Knights developed Eternal Darkness; most importantly, former Silicon head Denis Dyack and seven of his fellow colleagues jumped ship to Precursor Games last year.

Shadow of the Eternals is expected for release in the third quarter of 2014 for PC and the Wii U.


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