Xbox One Questions Answered

| Jun 7, 2013
Xbox One Questions Answered - 2013-06-07 13:35:08

Since the announcement of the Xbox One there have been many questions regarding used games, privacy and always online. 

Microsoft have taken some time and clarified many of the burning questions about the new console. Not everything is as clear as it should be, but it does give a much better picture on what consumers should expect for this new console.

One of the biggest questions people have about the Xbox One is if it will allow used games. Microsoft have gone on record as saying that they will not change for lending or trading in a game but it will leave it open to a publisher to change if they so choose. They went on to say that at the time of release the Xbox One will not support renting games, although this may change in the future. 

The concept of lending to friends has also been explained in more detail. One thing it requires is the game can only be lent to friends that have been on your Xbox friends list for more then 30 days. So ensure anyone you would want to lend games to is on your Xbox list now to avoid complications at launch. It will also allow up to 10 family members to log in and play from the shared game library. 

The Xbox One does not need to always be connected to the internet but it will need to check in every 24 hours if you want to ensure your games do not suffer degradation in performance. This is because many of the Xbox One games will have some of the processes in the game done in the cloud, so without this games will not run as intended.

The question of privacy in relation to the new Xbox Camera was also addressed by Microsoft. They have confirmed the camera can be turned off and If a family is worried about privacy it can be set so it will not watch or listen to voice when the system is off.They went on to confirm that it can be set to the sensitivity that the family may want when being setup. Microsoft also went on to say that the camera will need to be hooked up at all times for the Xbox One to function as intended. 

There will be more questions as we learn more about the new systems, and as we all learn more we will keep you all updated. Stay tuned to C&G Magazine for all your E3 coverage!

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