Ubisoft announces new poetic game Inspired By JRPG’s

| Aug 19, 2013
Ubisoft announces new poetic game Inspired By JRPG's

Child of Light is being led by Far Cry 3 director Patrick Plourde and being produced out of Ubisoft Montreal’s studio.
Child of Light is being created on the UbiArt Framework Engine that was used for the creation of Rayman Legends and Rayman Origins, and will be a side scrolling adventure game with turn based battles influenced by the Final Fantasy series and have a story inspired from Hayao Myazaki’s Studio Ghibli movies and other old 20


century fairy tail stories.

Plourde has also stated the game will be like a ”playable poem” and mix of Final Fantasy VI and Limbo. Plourde also stated in a report by Polygon that the game was originally planned for a Digital Release,”With digital, there’s no shelf space to fight over, and that is the crux of the battle in publishing.”

The game itself is one of the smallest projects to come from the monolithic studio and more information will be announced soon, Plourde also hinted at another game that would be more experimental than Child Of Light using the same engine.

Quite a few will be amazed that Ubisoft Montreal has taken a leap to try the RPG genre, can we expect to see a unique take and depth on the turn based action? Or will it only fail to capture the poetic story the game has to offer?

With no platforms announced as of yet, we could be expecting to play this on our current generations hardware with a possible release for the next generation consoles. With a new and intuitive game offering an artistic art style and turn based combat, Child Of Light could very well be shaping up to be a delight and a nice refresher to the digital download list of any interested gamer.

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