Beyond:Two Souls Demo Coming in October

| Sep 5, 2013
Beyond:Two Souls Demo Coming in October

Playstation fans itching to get their hands on Quantic Dream’s upcoming title, Beyond: Two Souls, will get a chance to experience the game on October 1st.

Sony announced this morning that they will release a demo for the title next month. The demo is said to include two stages from the game.

The first level, entitled “Jodie & Aiden”, occurs near the beginning of the title. The other level, “Hunted” takes place later in the title and involves escaping agents sent by the government.

The game itself also features two Hollywood stars playing the lead roles. Ellen Page stars as Jodie, a girl sent to a government research facility due to paranormal activity surrounding her. Alongside her is Willem Dafoe, who plays her surrogate father at the research facility.

David Cage, the designer and director of Beyond, spoke at Bafta (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) Tuesday night about the title. According to Wired Magazine, Cage said that one of his main focuses for the game was “giving the importance back to death in a game”.

Quantic Dream’s previous effort, Heavy Rain, had a feature where if a main character died, the story would continue. Cage has implemented this feature in Beyond, allowing for 23 different endings depending on choices made by players.

Beyond: Two Souls hits stores on October 8th and is a Playstation 3 exclusive.

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