New Legacy of Kain Spin-Off Announced by Square Enix

James Griffin  X  Sep 26, 2013 

Square Enix has announced a new online free-to-play, multiplayer title set in the Legacy of Kain world.

The game is called Nosgoth, and is being developed by Psyonix. Gameplay involves team-based combat between humans and vampires.

Humans specialize in ranged weapons, everywhere from cross-bows to hand cannons. On the other hand, vampires use a much more up-close-and-personal approach. They can climb buildings and swoop down on humans, ripping them to shreds.

Unfortunately, the trailer may say it's set in the Legacy of Kain universe, but there are no soul reavers in sight. So far it seems like a very loose-adaptation that doesn't have much to do with past Legacy of Kain games. While Square Enix says that the game is set in a previously unknown era, the company has not stated how it fully ties in to the series.

There is a sign-up for the closed beta here.