PS4 Connectivity Coming With Next Vita Update

PS4 Connectivity Coming With Next Vita Update 1
| Oct 7, 2013

Sony’s very own Twitter demagogue, Shuhei Yoshida (better known as President of Worldwide Studios) is back again, drip-feeding Sony info 140 characters at a time. This time, his response was to a question about whether the mobile PlayStation App coming to iOS and Android devices would also appear on the Vita. Yoshida gave a rather different response than what people were expecting, saying:

We’ll add “PS4 Link” app to PS Vita with the next update.

So what does this mean? Basically, the functionality for allowing the PS4 to stream games to a Vita via wireless network is getting ready for the next Vita firmware update. This is probably still a few weeks away, as the PS4 doesn’t launch ‘till November, but for Vita owners, this is another lifeline that makes the little gaming machine a bit more useful, since it still has a small collection of “must have” titles. The most recent Vita firmware update was the end of August, so the platform is just about due for another.