Irrational Games Release New ‘Burial at Sea’ Footage

Irrational Games Release New 'Burial at Sea' Footage
| Oct 8, 2013

Burial at Sea, the downloadable expansion to this year’s Bioshock Infinite, has received its first gameplay footage.

The DLC takes place in Rapture, the fictional city where the first Bioshock took place. The difference this time is that the city is not in shambles.

Footage, which occurs in the first five minutes, has Booker DeWitt searching with Elizabeth for a lost girl. The area shows an aristocratic society, with many of the locals speaking about topics such as ‘philosophical transcendence’. Rapture also looks beautiful, even though only a small portion of it was shown.

Other notable additions included a few lines of girls being trained to be little sisters, as well as a big daddy working outside the walls.

Burial at Sea is a two-episode adventure. The first half has you playing as Booker, while Episode Two will involve playing as Elizabeth.

You can view the gameplay footage here or check out CGMagazine’s review of Bioshock Infinite. Burial at Sea will be released for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. No launch date has been announced yet.