All-New Ghost Rider comic series coming out in March

All-New Ghost Rider comic series coming out in March

Aside from his brief appearance in the”Fear Itself” series that came out in 2011 -which lasted only 10 issues – one of Marvel’s most iconic characters has unfortunately taken a back seat over the years, until now.

Writer Felipe Smith, also known for his Peepo Choo manga series, and artist Tradd Moore are teaming up in hopes of reenergizing the Ghost Rider character with the appropriately named “All-New Ghost Rider” series.

The new line of Ghost Rider comics will follow the high school senior Robbie Reyes, who will become the next vessel for the Spirit of Vengeance. The main villain of the series will be Dr. Calvin Zabo, also known as Mister Hyde, who uses his “Hyde” formula to turn himself into a superhumanly powerful being.

The concept of introducing the Spirit of Vengeance to an inexperienced youngster, whose surroundings are much different than the previous host’s was is really interesting. Johnny Blaze was cool, but the new direction they’ve taken is refreshing and will no doubt open up a lot of opportunities for the Ghost Rider character.

The new series will launch in March 2014.



Activision says they will retake records lost to Rockstar

Activision says they will retake records lost to Rockstar

Activision is aiming to retake the top of the podium when it comes to the records Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V snatched from the Call of Duty franchise.

In an interview with MCV, UK senior brand manager Kevin Flynn said the Call of Duty series will take back the records it lost, including the UK’s fastest selling game ever.

“Congratulations to the team at Rockstar for their success,” he said. “We look forward to getting the record back before the next GTA title.”
Despite the fact that sales figures have dropped slightly year after year, Flynn said the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts will show other companies that their series is still capable dominating the market.

GTA V currently holds seven Guinness World Records, and made up 50 percent of all software sales in the United States during the month of September.

Call of Duty: Ghosts is set to release on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U on November 5, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions hitting shelves when the consoles launch.


Nintendo working on fixing bugs in Pokemon X and Y

Nintendo working on fixing bugs in Pokemon X and Y 1

A bug that’s been corrupting save files in Pokemon X and Y has been acknowledged by Nintendo, and according to a translation of Nintendo’s official Japanese website the company is doing what they can to fix it.

The bug corrupts files when players attempt to save in Lumiose City, however the bug appears to be infrequent. The website says a patch should arrive in the Nintendo 3DS eShop within a few days.

The problems occur on the perimeter of Lumiose city, specifically the North and Southern Boulevards.

illuminia karte by ultranoire d6qi7zc - Nintendo working on fixing bugs in Pokemon X and Y


Source: (translated to english)

PS4 launch title Driveclub delayed

PS4 launch title Driveclub delayed

Days after Watch Dogs’ postponement was announced, the team-based, arcade-style driving sim has followed suit and won’t hit shelves until spring 2014.

Driveclub was one of only two launch games that were meant to be offered for free to PS Plus subscribers. As a result, Sony will offer gamers the dark platform-puzzler called Contrast in addition to Compulsion Games’ Resogun. Sony says that DriveClub will eventually be made available for free on PS Plus, but said extra development time is needed for the game to meet its potential.

“We understand that the delay is disappointing news, but can assure you that the reason we have made this decision is to ensure that when DriveClub launches, it will realize the next-gen racing vision,” said Sony President Shuhei Yoshida.


Xbox 360 hits 80 million in sales, PS3 and Wii U on upswing

Xbox 360 hits 80 million in sales, PS3 and Wii U on upswing 1

More than 80 million Xbox 360s have been sold to retailers, according to Microsoft after announcing yesterday their NPD report for September.

In the United States alone, Xbox 360 software sales reached $401.2 million in September, the biggest month on record for Microsoft. It’s also more than any other console in the U.S.

Grand Theft Auto V was a large contributing factor, as the game alone made up more than 50 percent of all US software sales in September.

However it was Sony’s PlayStation 3 made the most noise in September in terms of home consoles, as it was the top home console overall in September, breaking the Xbox 360’s 32-month streak from January 2011 through August 2013.

Even the Wii U has been on an upswing lately, as overall sales went up by 200 percent in September after the console received a 50 dollar price cut.

The Xbox One launches on Nov. 22 for $500, while the PlayStation 4 hits shelves Nov. 15 for $400.



Interview with Octodad Dadliest Catch’s Kevin Geisler

Interview with Octodad Dadliest Catch's Kevin Geisler 2

Developer Young Horses may have had modest beginnings, but their first title, Octodad, has become a huge cult hit in the indie community. The game is known for its awkward yet charming controls in which players take possession of an Octopus everyone thinks is a human-being. The company recently announced they would be developing a sequel entitled, Octodad: Dadliest Catch. The title is being released for PC, Mac, Linux and Sony’s next-gen console, the PlayStation 4. CGMagazine recently caught up with the programmer and producer of Dadliest Catch, Kevin Geisler, to ask him a few questions about the much-anticipated release.

How has developing on the PS4 differed from the PC?

K: So far, it’s been very similar to Linux as far as development. In a lot of ways it seems easier to develop some things on PS4 because when I’m running specific code it will hard crash easier than the PC. Sometimes Windows will hide a lot of memory access issues, so it ends up being easier for me to catch bugs when developing on a console.

What does Dadliest Catch hope to accomplish that the original couldn’t?

K: When we originally made Octodad, it was a student project. We had to come up with the pitch version and prototype in about five months, so it was rushed out. A lot of the changes in Dadliest Catch are things like expanding the world Octodad lives in. He goes outside of the house this time. We managed to fix a lot of the bugs in the first Octodad without losing the charm the awkward controls brought to the gameplay.

OctodadOrgan - Interview with Octodad Dadliest Catch's Kevin Geisler

Dadliest Catch has a price-tag. Why should I buy it when I can just get the original for free?

K: The original Octodad had a lot of glitches. We like to think we improved the art and the style of the game. We also made sure the length of the game is much longer. We’ve put in a lot of additional features as well. Things like controller support which the first game didn’t have. I also think the story this time around will be much better.

Would you say the game is more story-centric now?

K: Well the original had a story.  But with Dadliest Catch we want to delve more into the background of Octodad himself. There is also a wider variety of situations (for gameplay) in the title. We also think there’s a lot more character development this time around. In the first Octodad the character’s goals were shallow and we want that to be different this time around.

Microsoft has changed their publishing rights (self-publish). Would this mean an Xbox One version is now on the horizon?

K: We’ve been looking in the Xbox One development program. It’s really up to Microsoft as far as helping developers get onto the platform. Sony has been upfront and supporting us and getting us things we need. So its one thing to announce a program but we’ll have to see in the future where they’ll take it.

So you haven’t been approached by Microsoft whatsoever?

K: Yeah we have. But, we haven’t gotten to a stage where we’ve actively developed or announced that we would be working on it. I know they’ve been actively approaching developers at places like PAX Prime. I know they’ve been more active lately but I’m sure its gonna take a bit of time to actually pull through and get through all the developers they’ve been trying to reach out to.

As an indie developer, what do you think the biggest challenge has been in this competitive community?

K: I think in a lot of cases, its still about getting the word out there. And especially once the game is out, stuff like score placement and finding an audience to play the game can be hard. We were very fortunate to get through Steam Greenlight and be able to get Sony’s attention but a lot of games don’t. And even if they have an audience, they may not be able to get through something like Steam Greenlight, even though its perfectly fine game for a lot of people.

Is Octodad your only franchise, or do you plan on expanding to other IP’s in the future?

K: We wanna support Dadliest Catch for a little while such as expansions and new features. But I do think most of us wanna move on to new things. We don’t want to be known as the studio who just did Octodad.

Watch Dogs delay still confusing, despite what analysts say

Watch Dogs delay still confusing, despite what analysts say

The delay of Watch Dogs has certainly angered many gamers who have eagerly been waiting for the release of the highly-anticipated open-world action game, but some analysts think this was a smart move.

In an interview with the New York Times, Benchmark Company analyst Mike Hickey said that Grand Theft Auto V‘s commercial success has put pressure on Ubisoft’s own open-world game.

“They want it to be their next big franchise,” he said, adding that the delay was understandable because delivering an experience that did not meet gamers’ expectations could have been detrimental to the brand.

“The company made the right decision,” Hickey added. “They could have put out a lower-quality game, but it’s best to wait to get it right.”

This is still a little strange, because it’s not like we didn’t know what Watch Dogs was going to look like, or how it was going to play. Numerous gameplay trailers, articles, and demos have been put in place that sucked us in long ago. There have even been TV spots circling the airwaves, hooking everyone else in who haven’t been following the game already. I can’t imagine how much more Ubisoft can add to the game, especially when they were pushing and promoting this game so close to it’s initial release date, clearly ready for the game to hit shelves and make its way into our open arms.

Sure GTA V was amazing and broke records, but that doesn’t mean people wouldn’t have been interested in buying Watch Dogs as well. It would have been an excellent opportunity to showcase what open-world games look and play like on next-generation technology right out of the gate. The PlayStation 4 Launch Day bundles that would have included a copy Watch Dogs – now reduced to just a console after the delay – would have been a supremely satisfying introduction to the world of next-gen gaming.

The emphasis on communication technology and hacking is unique, and not something you can find in a GTA game. To me, evading police cars by hacking street lights and causing them to crash or slam on the breaks, sounds way more badass then just turning around and shooting them. Sure that’s something I enjoy doing here and there, but I think this new take on open-world games would have satisfied a lot of people, even if the game launched so close to the release of GTA V.

It’s about money of course, and pushing the game to a spring release date could potentially build up more hype and avoid some pressure from GTA V. This build up could easily lead to disappointment as well when we realize nothing new was really added to the game during that time, and that we’ve just been waiting because Ubisoft wanted a few million more sales.

Ubisoft’s already been negatively affected by the delay, as the company’s share value fell more than 30 percent, the most in company history. Ubisoft expects to book a loss of up to $95 million for the year, compared to previous estimations for a profit of $170 million for the same period. Is it going to be worth it? I don’t really think so.

CGM Weekly Goods – Oct 18, 2013

CGM Weekly Goods - Oct 18, 2013 - 2015-02-01 15:37:59

This week on The Weekly Goofs, Scott steps in to take the place of Wayne for the week after coming back from a nice vacation. The goods this week are as follows:
Dark Souls II getting a graphic novel
Rockstar paying reparations for pain and suffering due to GTAOnline issues
The Long Dark reaching its Kickstarter goal
Watch Dogs getting delayed until Q1 2014

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