Sony Lifts Exclusivity on Lone Survivor: Director’s Cut

Sony Lifts Exclusivity on Lone Survivor: Director's Cut 1
| Oct 24, 2013

Sony has decided to end its exclusivity of Lone Survivor: Director’s Cut, which made its way to PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 earlier this fall.

The original Lone Survivor was released last year on Steam, with the Director’s Cut now coming to both PC and Mac.

The game is an 8-bit survival-horror adventure, and was well-received on CGMagazine.

Lone Survivor is developed by one man named Jasper Byrne, who is well known for his music contributions to Hotline Miami.

The announcement was made by Byrne yesterday morning on his Twitter, saying that the Director’s Cut will be free for anyone who has already bought the original game. As well, players with save files from the original will be able to carry them over to Director’s Cut.