Day: 30 October 2013

Latest Articles From Day: 30 October 2013

Bad Dog Theatre: D&D LIVE - Part 1 - These Warriors Are Terrible

[soundcloud url="" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /] Subscribe to the Podcast Welcome to the Realm of T'Rannah, a world familiar yet […]

720p COD Doesn't Hurt The Xbox One

After all the speculating over the last few months, some information is finally coming out about the technical prowess of […]

PC Gaming Offers What The Consoles Never Can

This week I was lucky enough to sit in and listen to a round table focused on PC gaming and […]

Heavenly Sword Movie Trailer Released

Back during the launch window days of the PS3, Ninja Theory put out a pretty good looking (by launch standards) […]

Digital Campgrounds: An Interview With Jaime Woo

Toronto is not just the home of a vibrant indie gaming community, it’s also the site of a smaller, but […]

New Sandman Comic Arrives After 25 Year Hiatus

It's official. After a whopping 25 year absence, comic fans are able to go to their favourite comic store TODAY […]

Flash Focus Retro: Braindead 13

On this episode of Flash Focus Retro the CGM crew look at the 90's QTE game Braindead 13 on the […]