Day: 8 November 2013

Latest Articles From Day: 8 November 2013

CGMPodcast Episode 81: Lobo The Peoples Champion

On this week’s CGM podcast, Microsoft storms into Toronto with X13, Thor has a new movie with pleasing brainlessness, and […]

Flash Focus: Call of Duty: Ghosts

Flash Focus takes straps on the automatic weapons, puts on a big bubble shaped helmet and gets ready to spit […]

Xbox One day-one patch, 'not really an optional thing'

If you don't have an internet connection and you've purchased, or plan on purchasing an Xbox One, you should schedule a […]

Potential Microsoft CEO Might Sell Xbox Business

Well here's a development that no one in the gaming sphere saw coming. While it's well documented at this point […]

Activision on Ghosts' sales, '...this number is down versus last year'

That moment where the Call of Duty franchise finally peaks and fizzles out is; well it's not quite upon us yet, […]