Honored Wants To Give You Real Achievements

  • James Griffin | 
    Dec 20, 2013
Honored Wants To Give You Real Achievements

An IndieGoGo project, Honored, offers physical badges to gamers.

The project, which has funded just over $5,000 of its $25,000 goal, tracks your achievements across different platforms. After gaining these achievements, gamers can then purchase physical badges off the online store to put on backpacks, hats and shirts. This tracking will allow people to keep their achievements even after platforms die out in the future.

Most of the funding is going to be used to launch a closed beta for the website. As of now the project has only 4 days left, so unless people start funding now, it may not reach its goal. You can read more about Honored here. What do you think? Should we care about physical achievements? Is something tangible needed?

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