Persona Q Shows Off The Protagonists

Persona Q Shows Off The Protagonists 2
| Dec 20, 2013

ATLUS released two new trailers for Persona Q, the upcoming 3DS dungeon crawler. The footage focuses on the two protagonists from Persona 3 and 4, showing off story and battle footage.

As announced before, much of the gameplay looks similar to that of Etrian Odyssey, but there is some Persona flair added. All-Out-Attacks, Weak points, and Persona summoning are all par for the course (and of course, lots of shadows).

It seems the characters from both games will team up, and the events of the story will depend on which protagonist you choose to play as. As of now there is still no plans to bring the game to North America. The game will come out in Japan on June 4, 2014. You can check out the two trailers below.

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