One Way Heroics Adds A New Meaning To Multiple Playthroughs

| Jan 16, 2014
One Way Heroics Adds A New Meaning To Multiple Playthroughs

While SmokingWOLF’s newest game may follow many JRPG clichés, One Way Heroics adds something unique: multiple dimensions. The 16-bit old school title, (recently green-lit by Steam,) adds many different worlds for your hero to go through; each with a completely different landscape.

So what is the story? According to the game page, “you take on the role of an intrepid adventurer who must travel across the land and face the Demon Lord before a mysterious darkness engulfs everything.”

Though this sounds pretty familiar, your character has the power to take on the Demon Lord in any world you want. Lush forests, castles, and more. Just defeating the Demon Lord in one world is not enough: you have to visit them all. And each time you beat him (or more likely, die), you get points to unlock things like new weapons and characters, buffing you up for the next dimension. You can also choose different dimensions at will, through typing in “any word that pops into your head.”

For anyone wanting to dive in to One Way Heroics, the game is available now for $1.99 on Playism’s website. You can also read more about the game on the Steam Greenlight page here.

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