| Jan 21, 2014
The Year of Change! 
The next generation of videogames is well under way, and while console offerings may seem a little sparse right now – there has never been more to talk about. 
One of the biggest games of the upcoming months is Dark Souls II, and in issue 31 we prepare you with tons of Dark Souls coverage. With From Software’s Tak Miyazoe talking to Wayne about how the series has evolved (hopefully quelling any concerns about terms like ‘accessibility’). We also get a chance to talk to the creators of the companion to the release of Dark Souls II; the comic Dark Souls II: Into the Light about what it was like making a dark comic about such a rich, but narratively barren, series.
Our comic coverage doesn’t end there though! In our Origins section we take a closer look at the Swamp Thing and how it changed everything. We also take a look at the history of Vertigo, and wrap it up with an interview with the creator of Alan Moore’s biography. 
There’s a whole lot more content inside, so cuddle up on your couch and Prepare To Read!


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