SEGA Brings Back Xtreme With Sonic Boom

SEGA Brings Back Xtreme With Sonic Boom
| Feb 6, 2014

With an all-new Sonic cartoon on the horizon, SEGA has announced a tie-in video-game: Sonic Boom.

Boom seeks to reinvent Sonic’s image, adding sports-tape to the hands of the fabled hedgehog. But (yep you guessed it), he’s not the only one with an aesthetic transformation. Knuckles is depicted as much burlier, and Tails now has goggles; and they both have sport tape.

The reveal trailer also depicts what seems to be 4-player co-op action; using the same mechanics found in past Sonic games. There also seems to be a hand-to-hand combat portion, which seems to be similar to Sonic Unleashed’s night-time stages.

Sonic Boom will act as a prequel to the cartoon series, which will consist of 52 episodes. Sonic Boom will be released exclusively for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. While the Wii U version is being developed by Big Red Button Entertainment, the 3DS version is being done by none other than Sanzaru Games; responsible for Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time.

Excited for Sonic Boom, or is this just another taste of mediocrity? Let us know in the comments below.