NISA Announcing New Titles Tomorrow

  • James Griffin | 
    Feb 12, 2014
NISA Announcing New Titles Tomorrow

Reports from the NeoGaf community say that Nippon Ichi Software America will be announcing several new titles tomorrow during a press event.

One can only ponder what games will be announced. Some NeoGaf users have predicted Disgaea 4 on PlayStation Vita, while others are hoping for a sequel to Trigger Happy Havoc: Dangan Ronpa (released yesterday in North America). User Flarin claims he got an invite e-mail from NISA and says “they usually reveal 3 or 4 new games they’re publishing at these events”.

NISA are known for publishing crazy, off-the-wall Japanese games, most notably Disgaea. They have recently released other titles like The Guided Fate Paradox and Time and Eternity (both ridiculous). Check out CGM tomorrow as we announce all the new titles.

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