Brandon Boyer’s new GoFundMe page amasses huge support

Brandon Boyer's new GoFundMe page amasses huge support
| Mar 8, 2014

A major contributor to the indie gaming scene is looking for your help on after Humana, his health provider, refused to cover his surgery and treatment bills.

Brandon Boyer was diagnosed with cancer last August. A portion of his his intestines where the cancer emerged were removed, and since then he’s remained stable, and receives regular monthly treatment.

Unfortunately, Humana denied all of his claims and left Boyer with a $100, 000 worth of bills. Despite the newly implemented Health Insurance Marketplace in Austin, Texas, Boyer explained on his GoFundMe page that because he was self-employed & sick in America in 2013, the new program wouldn’t apply to him as it only covers anything from January 2014 on.

Boyer is the founder of Offworld, the videogame culture site Venus Patrol, and is currently the chairman of the Independent Games Festival. He’s also worked on several other projects that have pushed the indie scene forward in meaningful ways.

Devolver Digital and Humble Bundle have teamed up to assist in the donation drive. Both are providing a sample of documentaries and a few games in return.

The Devolver Digital Double Debut bundle unlocks Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition, Shadow Warrior Classic Redux and three movies – Austin High, The Poisoning, and One Couch At A Time – for all purchases above $1. Donations exceeding $10 unlock Defense Technica, Marc Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure, Cosmic DJ, and two movies: MARS and Good Game.

You can make a direct donation to Brandon’s drive on his GoFundMe page, where you can also donate all of the purchase price to charity. Nearly $110, 000 has been raised so far.