You Can Now Play Sim City Offline

You Can Now Play Sim City Offline
| Mar 18, 2014

The controversial 2013 reboot of SimCity has released a long overdue feature: offline play. EA announced today that a new downloadable update will let players enjoy SimCity without the need of an Internet connection.

“We’ve listened to our players and today we are delivering against their most direct feedback with the release of the new single-player mode,” said Patrick Buechner, General Manager of Maxis.

Players can access this feature through a free downloadable update. The update adds offline play, the ability to build multiple cities on the same file, and the option to turn off the auto-save function.

When first released, the title’s always-connected experience caused many servers to crash, making it almost unplayable for the first week or so. This caused many to question EA’s efforts to prevent piracy of their games.

Offline play was originally announced back in January. You can read about the original announcement here.