Hydra is Folding Up Something Beautiful

Hydra is Folding Up Something Beautiful 1
| May 1, 2014

Video games represent a wonderful method of pulling disparate art forms together. It’s certainly not the only medium so suited: the screen adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline and other Henry Selick projects come to mind. This use of real-world figures in animation, in particular, I find endlessly interesting to look at. And while Selick and Co. are crafting all manner of physical sculptures to commit to film, Spanish independent game studio Hydra Interactive Entertainment is capturing the same appeal by drafting up digital origami sculptures for a game they like to call Upside-Down Dimensions.

In still, it looks like a series of precisely and immaculately constructed shoebox dioramas. The pair of player characters, each trapped in a separate shoebox-dimension, will be tasked with preventing catastrophe at evil’s hand. How they’ll go about accomplishing this is ill-defined, outside of claims to a smattering of genres and the intriguing promise of flipping between worlds.

Details on the project are sparse at best, but gosh is it pretty. Hopefully the team’s impending trailer will shed light on mechanics capable of meeting the game’s visual standard. For now, you’re welcome to sit and ogle with me.