SUPERHOT Is Exceedingly Cool

SUPERHOT Is Exceedingly Cool 3
| May 14, 2014

Last August, a game jam called “7DFPS”, or Seven Day First Person Shooter, spawned a bit of a minor internet phenomenon. SUPERHOT made its rounds amongst some popular Youtube gaming personalities, graced Reddit’s front page, and appeared on a bevy gaming sites. It seems to sport a take on slow motion gun play that has restored some of the concept’s lost luster. Well, prototype now has a chance to become commercial product with the SUPERHOT Team’s Kickstarter campaign!

There’s a red silhouette of a man standing amidst a stark grayscale interior. Time passes at a crawl, his attempts to perforate you inching their crimson trails ever closer. The wrinkle comes when you step to the side: bullets are no longer sailing through marmalade, but advancing at full speed. Combat assumes a slower, more deliberate pace when the progression of time is tied to your movements. Combine this with the need replace your weapon when ammunition runs dry and SUPERHOT starts to feel almost puzzle-like. The developers call it “something like a game of real-time chess, except that all the pawns are out to murder you.”

You don’t have to take the internet’s word on this one’s appeal. The prototype is available to play! Unity Web Player required.