The Greatest Best Thing Ever Coming to the Wii U

The Greatest Best Thing Ever Coming to the Wii U - 2014-05-22 14:07:39
| May 22, 2014


Well regardless of your answer to that poorly phrased question, Nintendo has released a trailer for Fit Music.

Going from the fifty-three second trailer alone, the game looks like Just Dance, only with a fraction of the budget. Players will dance around while being attacked by giant bolded words that they’ll presumably have to dodge in the name of fitness.

No offence, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t very HD..

Don’t worry though, for the champion of fitness, Patsy Salviato will be there to help the player by awkwardly dancing though a variety of flat backgrounds.

The game also features up to four players in multiplayer because the only thing better than dancing awkwardly alone in your basement is dancing awkwardly in your basement but with friends.

Fit Music will exclusively launch on the Wii U sometime this year via the Wii U eShop.

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