Top 5 Dogs to Watch in Gaming

| May 26, 2014
Top 5 Dogs to Watch in Gaming 7

Watch Dogs comes out tomorrow with a name that leaves itself open to articles like this.  There are tons of dogs in gaming. Some are more famous than others, but those furry companions make for some of the best sidekicks a gamer can ask for. No matter what the genre, a dog makes any game better, so here are some of the best.

5) Your Dog

First appearance: Fable II

Top 5 Dogs To Watch In Gaming 9
Fable 2

So your companion from Fable III is worthy of a honourable mention, but Fable II Dog is a little more deserving. Players can train him to attack, find treasure and play fetch. He’s the ultimate companion. Plus his actions at the end of the game make him better than Jasper.

4) Koromaru

First appearance: Persona 3

Top 5 Dogs To Watch In Gaming 10
Persona 3

Koromaru was found at a temple after defending it from the shadow following the death of his owner. He’s loyal, intelligent and fierce when he needs to be.

3) Shadow

First appearance: Dead to Rights

Top 5 Dogs To Watch In Gaming 6
Dead to Rights

In Dead to Rights you play as Jack Slate, a cop on the K9 unit who gets framed for murder, and in video game land the only way to show everyone your innocence is to kill more. That’s where Shadow comes in to play. Jack can command Shadow to go and mess someone up, or he can be used for stealth parts of the games. Shadow can sense heartbeats and even pick up weapons for Jack too. He’s useful, vicious and the best friend a guy could ask for.

2) Amaterasu

First appearance: Okami

Top 5 Dogs To Watch In Gaming 8

The white wolf with orange markings in Okami is known to be gentle, noble and intelligent. She’s a god protecting the world from evil. That’s pretty cool. She can change the time between night and day, and heal herself among other things. She’s pretty much the ultimate game dog.

But there is one that is better.


First appearance: Mega Man 3

Top 5 Dogs To Watch In Gaming 11

When this list was first pitched the number one was always Rush.  There’s no way it couldn’t be. Not only is he a dog, he’s a robot dog. A robot dog that can transform into almost anything you need him to be at any time because that’s how goddamn loyal he is. He can be a submarine, shield or whatever because it’s his job to protect Mega Man. There’s not much more you can ask from a canine.