Rain World Manages to Excite With Its Basic Details

| Jun 2, 2014
Rain World Manages to Excite With Its Basic Details 1

I’m a fan of slugcat. The title and setting this ambiguously boned creature inhabits, Rain World, has seen no sign of nearing a release date, but a consistent stream of updates from their TIGSource thread has tantalized nonetheless. She (he?) scurries her way around a fractured ecosystem and industrial wasteland in search of food for the coming hibernation. What’s amazing about this “survival platformer” is how well characters animate and how savage the action can be. Check this out:

This is from two years ago. Rain World was extraordinarily fluid back then; I imagine it’s going to be somewhat mind-boggling upon its release. Doubly so considering the same man is building everything except the audio. Further, they’ve recently managed to port the project over to the Unity engine, giving them the keys to even more crazy dynamic behaviors and animations. For example, airborne cat flaily-arms for long plummets. The first of these is exaggerated to show the functionality, the latter better representing how it’ll appear in-game.


Talk about attention to detail. The experience of simply moving about looks entertaining, which certainly bodes well for a platforming-heavy game. I can’t wait.

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