GamerGate Documentary Makers Recruit Jack Thompson

GamerGate Documentary Makers Recruit Jack Thompson
| Nov 20, 2014

GamerGate just got a whole lot weirder, and a whole lot more divisive. Up until now there were basically two sides, either you were with Sarkeesian, or you were against her. While this article will not go into the specifics of this ongoing, tedious and somehow nonstop “scandal”, an interesting twist developed recently that will certainly cause some rifts within the anti-Anita camp.

Filmmakers Davis M. J. Aurini and his partner-in-crime Jordan Owen have begun a crowdfunding campaign to drum up cash for their upcoming film The Sarkeesian Effect. According to their manifesto, The Sarkeesian Effect will:

“…start with, but not be limited to, the eponymous Anita Sarkeesian, the face of Feminist Frequency, and one of the most well-known voices of Social Justice.  By analyzing the specifics of her methodology, we will create a framework which allows the audience to identify the actions of other profiteers; by exposing the unethical behaviour behind all of these people, we will demonstrate the inevitable thugishness of Social Justice, an ideology which exploits the very victims it claims to represent.”

Ok, we’ve heard all this nonstop over the last several months, and most of those involved on either side have been so firmly entrenched in their ideals that the “debate” is at a Western Front style scenario of calcification. In an effort that at the very least will bring lots of hits, comments and emails to the filmmakers, they’ve released a short trailer showcasing an interview with an individual who has stated, plainly and proudly, that he hates videogames.

The Sarkeesian Effect has recruited Jack Thompson to speak for their side. Jack “I’m going to take my disgust with videogames to U.S. Congress” Thompson. The man who sought $246 million in damages from Take Two and Sony because he was adamant in his belief that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas caused a young man to commit murder. He’s crusaded against everything from Mortal Kombat to The Sims, and has for years been branded as the gaming community’s public enemy number one.

So it comes as a hell of a surprise that self-proclaimed concerned members of the gaming community would choose this guy to add credibility to their cause while trying to recruit other gamers. This act has already polarized members on their side of GamerGate, clearly evident by the comments on both the YouTube trailer and their crowdfunding campaign.

So, just when you thought this nonsense was over, another tag team guest wrestler just dropped into the ring to ensure this chaos continues for at least another few months. Unfortunately. On the plus side it doesn’t appear that The Sarkeesian Effect is meeting its funding goals, so if we’re lucky we’ll never have to deal with the fallout this movie will inevitably leave in its wake.

Source: Youtube