Amiibo for the Win…Almost

| Nov 26, 2014

 Last weekend at a Super Smash Bros. tournament in Richmond, British Columbia a Fox Amiibo, named WaveShine, came close to winning the whole thing after being entered as a joke.

An article on Siliconera says that players in the tournament found the Amiibo, but when they weren’t able to find whom it belonged to they decided to chip in $5 each and enter it into the tournament.

The tournament, called VSB Weeklies,  put WaveShine up against a player whose screen name is “CanErick”, and it won.

WaveShine is a level 50 Amiibo, which is currently the max. level, and the way Amiibos work is that they learn from their opponents. WaveShine was pulling off advanced moves against it’s opponents and was able to make it to the semi-finals of the losers’ bracket when it was finally knocked out by player “Firefly” who went on to win the tournament.

In the Siliconera article they speak to a player from the tournament named “Daze”, who says since Amiibos get stat boosts they probably won’t be allowed in future tournaments, but he’d love to see a small side tournament of all Amiibos.