(Update) Disgaea Developer NOT in Trouble

(Update) Disgaea Developer NOT in Trouble - 49061
| Dec 10, 2014

Yesterday we posted a story regarding a comment made by Sohei Niikawa, the President of Nippon Ichi Software (NIS). The comment was published in Dengeki Playstation, a Japanese gaming magazine, but was mistranslated to say that NIS would be going out of business if they did not hit their sales goal of 150,000 units for Disgaea 5.

According to NIS, the comment was actually said in jest and more accurately translates to “If Disgaea 5 does not sell as planned, I, as the producer, might need to leave the Japanese gaming industry. (LOL)”. Niikawa also adds “This comment was simply self-deprecating humor and in no way did it mean or imply that Nippon Ichi Software as a company is going bankrupt or is in financial difficulties. I was merely trying to use humor in order to get the point across that we are committed to selling 150,000 copies of Disgaea 5.”

We apologize to NIS and our readers for contributing to any misinformation surrounding the company. Disgaea 5 is currently set to release on March 26, 2015. You can see our original, incorrect article below.

This article was published yesterday but it is incorrect.

The developers of the Disgaea series, Nippon Ichi Software (NIS), could be going out of business if their next game in the franchise, Disgaea 5, doesn’t sell well enough.

As part of the original playstation’s 20


anniversary a lot of developers and member of the industry are making comments about the platform. Some are reminiscing about the PS1 and the titles it carried, but NIS is shedding some light on their current financial state.

The comment was published in Dengeki Playstation, a Japanese gaming magazine, and has been translated to “if Disgaea 5 doesn’t sell as planned then we might not still be in business the year after. Even though Bloodborne is now releasing the same day, we really hope people will pick up both titles at once.”

The fact that the games release coincides with the release of From Software’s upcoming game, Bloodborne, doesn’t bode well, but if people want this Japanese developer to stick around it’s pretty clear what needs to happen.

Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten was released in February 2011 in Japan, September 2011 in North America and November 2011 in the EU and Australia. Globally the game sold over 325,000 copies in 2011 and to date it’s sold over half a million units.