Nintendo Goes Pulp

Nintendo Goes Pulp 2
| Dec 28, 2014

Have you ever wanted to see what Nintendo characters would look like if drawn in a pulp style? No? Well Astor Alexander did a series of posters that are three iconic Nintendo series done in a pulp style We have the classic Samus Aran done as “The Bounty Hunter”, The Legend of Zelda done in a P.I. style novel and finally Mario, done in the style of a noir crime story. All these can be purchased as posters, or many selections of merchandise. I must say I am little sad these are not real novels. I would be interested to hear how a 50’s version of Metroid played out. I can only imagine what comebacks a hard boiled Samus Aran would come up with. One can only dream

If interested in these prints, you can head over to and pick them up!