TellTale Announces Kevin Bruner Taking Over as CEO

TellTale Announces Kevin Bruner Taking Over as CEO - 49624
| Jan 13, 2015

Telltale, creator of The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us and Game of Thrones episodic games, announced Monday night that co-founder Kevin Bruner is taking over as CEO of the company.

Former CEO Dan Connors will continue on as executive advisor.

Bruner says Telltale is expanding and growing as it comes into its tenth year and announced an upcoming original IP in a statement to Monday.

“Our top priority is to continue fostering an environment where the most talented and creative storytellers in the industry are working side by side with the world’s biggest creative partners,” he says in the statement. “We’re already working on some of the biggest franchises in entertainment, and when you add our unannounced partnerships and upcoming original IP, it’s clear the most exciting time to be at Telltale is now, and there will continue to be more and more opportunity to innovate ahead of us.”

Telltale announced in Dec. their collaboration with Mojang in the upcoming Minecraft: Story Mode which is set for release some time this year.