How Lionhead Studios Enraged Twitter

Report: Fable is Coming Back
| Mar 27, 2015

Yikes, Lionhead Studios got themselves into some trouble on twitter today. Earlier in the day, the maker of Fable sent out a lovely tweet in celebration of National Cleavage Day, and was met with a ton of backlash.

It’s essentially a picture of a bar waitress with really visible cleavage, holding two frothing beers with the caption “The Foaming Jugs” a reference to the game franchise. In the game, this is a pretty acceptable joke. But online, it might not be the smartest tweet a game company could send out especially with all the discussion about gender equality in gaming lately.


While it was good for a bit of a laugh, it did offend many people, so it’s hard to justify. However, when the company apologized for it, there was even more backlash for them bending over to please everyone. It’s just a messy situation, and it probably would have been best if Lionhead just didn’t tweet at all. Props should go out for their apology, but it was too little too late.

What do you guys think? Was this insensitive, or funny?