Day: 14 August 2015

Latest Articles From Day: 14 August 2015

Super Mario Maker Overview Trailer

I personally have always wanted to create my own Mario levels. Goombas as far as the eye can see, enough […]

Celebrate Rising Tide with Civilization: Beyond Earth Free-to-Play Weekend

Do you enjoy Civilization? 2K has a treat for you. This weekend Civilization: Beyond Earth will be having a Free-To-Play weekend.

Pixels & Ink #167 - Sonic Nightmares

This Week on the Pixels & Ink Podcast, Sonic has a new unofficial collection and it is the thing of […]

What It’s Like to Cover Gamescom as a Journalist

Over the last few years, I’ve covered a number of video game events

Guillermo Del Toro Is Done Making Videogames

It is no secret that Del Toro brings some fantastical ideas to all the projects he works on.