Miyamoto Answers Fans and Sheds Light on Many Mario Myths

Miyamoto Answers Fans and Sheds Light on Many Mario Myths - 2015-09-10 17:16:24
| Sep 10, 2015

Nintendo has released videos today shedding light on some of the many myths that surround its flagship character: Super Mario.

Released on the official Nintendo UK twitter page today, the videos star Mario’s creator Shigeru Miyamoto answering many fan questions about the Mario universe. The videos titled “Mario Myths,” serve to not only promote the 30


anniversary of Super Mario, but also Super Mario Maker, set to release tomorrow.

Many of the fans posed questions such as: “Is Mario named after the former Nintendo of America warehouse landlord Mario Segale?” To which Miyamoto playfully nods his head. Others include “would you let Dr.Mario operate on you?” To which Miyamoto vigorously shakes his head. Although the question that was most interesting was “do you know who Bowser Jr’s mother is?” Miyamoto cheekily shakes his head and points towards himself.

Miyamoto ends the video letting players know that while none of his levels are on Mario Maker now, he will “definitely post something.”

While Super Mario Maker has been gaining universal praise, Nintendo is spending no expense promoting the game, including a livestream to take place tomorrow featuring the voice of Mario: Charles Martinet.