Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Comes to Vinyl

Brendan Frye  X  Nov 3, 2015 

Vinyl is having a resurgence in recent years. With CD sales dying off and people wanting a unique and exciting way to own their music vinyl has come back into the picture. 

iam8bit known for releasing some gorgeous game based records, including the truly stunning Hotline Miami 2 collection, have teamed up with Sony and NaughtyDog to bring the music of Uncharted to a record-player near you. The sweeping scores of the first three Uncharted games, scored by Greg Edmonson will be available on a limited edition 3 LP set.

The limited edition set is now available to pre-order at but will not ship until early 2016.  If you just enjoy the art from the set, a print of the art done by W$YK is also available for purchase.