CGM Will Now Be Covering The World Of Business

 |  Brendan Frye
CGM Will Now Be Covering The World Of Business - 2015-11-06 09:04:38

CGMagazine began in 2010 with a mandate to provide our readers with readers the best possible coverage in the fields of comics and gaming.  As the industry  has evolved so hasCGMagazine —moving from console generations  to include the shift to from handhelds to mobile phones Now we have made a new change.

Starting in November CGMagazine will be covering the business side of gaming and comics, along with the cultural side. We have partnered with the Nasdaq Newswire to bring you up to the minute coverage on all major business events that shape the industry. We believe this change not only reflects the change in the industry, but the engagement of our readers. More and more they want to know what goes on behind the curtain in the games industry; what companies and games manage to achieve with each release and what the future holds for the industry as a whole.

As the Comic and Gaming industries evolves so will CGMagazine.Our mandate, however, remains the same —to bring you, our readers, the information that matters most.

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