Vermintide Hits 300,000 In Sales, Announces Free DLC to Celebrate

Vermintide Hits 300,000 In Sales, Announces  Free DLC to Celebrate - 2015-11-11 10:19:55
| Nov 11, 2015

Warhammer: End Times Vermintide, has quickly become the little game that could. Launching to a solid slate of reviews (including the one from CGM) and now it has reached a new milestone, it managed to hit 300,000 units worth of sales.

To celebrate this landmark, Fatshark have announced some free DLC for players. This DLC titled Vermintide – sigmar’s Blessing will hit December 3rd. The DLC will add a number of new features including player control of what loot is dropped in the game and a new alter at the Inn that will allow players to sacrifice existing loot to improve the players arsenal.

Martin Mahund, CEO of Fatshark said in a statement that: “We couldn’t be happier to reach 300,000 sales of Vermintide so far and player reception and feedback, has left us humbled more then anything.”

Aside from the DLC, Fatshark are planning on adding several new modes to Vermintide. These include: a private mode to allow players to that are waiting to play against the Skaven alone. Realism Mode, that will remove the players HUD for a more immersive experience. Last but not least, They will be adding a survival mode, that will allow players to face off against wave, upon wave of enemies in an effort to see how long they can last.

It is always good to see well made games, that are crafted with care and attention to player enjoyment do well. We can all hope that the team at Fatshark continue to see fans new and old discover what there is to love about Vermintide. I know I will be excited to jump into the new DLC when it hits December 3rd.