Cats and Dogs Coming To Fallout Shelter

Cats and Dogs Coming To Fallout Shelter - 2015-12-10 10:10:41
| Dec 10, 2015

Fallout Shelter was a surprise hit coming out of E3 2015, with people worldwide enjoying the job of an Vault-Tec overseer. Well it seems Bethesda have just released a new update for the game, and this one comes with cats and dogs.

The latest update for the game adds cats and dogs to the Fallout experience. Granting access new furry friends for your dwellers was not all that was added though. They have a full range of new features for your tapping enjoyment. These include the ability to evict dwellers, sell all inventory, Dweller management improvements and more optimizations to the overall experience.

The time is right to jump on your phone or tablet of choice (as long as it is Android or iOS) and step into the role of a Vault-Tec employee.