Toyota Makes Weird Anime Inspired Prius Ad

  • Cody Orme | 
    Jan 21, 2016
Toyota Makes Weird Anime Inspired Prius Ad

So Toyota Japan decided on an interesting method to show off their new Prius model.

Instead of the same boring old commercials showing people in the car enjoying a nice drive through the country side and the city, the Japanese car manufacturer decided to show off each individual part as anime girls, but not just any ordinary anime girls they’re Prius! Impossible Girls. Subaru did something similar by adding Titans to their Japanese add, but cross advertising is very common around the world.

To us westerners this commercial might be weird, but almost every eastern company has some kind of corporate mascot, so this shouldn’t be out of the blue. Despite this, it still seems more like a video game commercial from Atlus than a car ad from Toyota, but it’s glorious in every way imaginable. Enjoy.

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