The Culling Announced, Coming to Early Access March 8th

The Culling Announced, Coming to Early Access March 8th
| Feb 3, 2016
Have you ever wanted to play a first person experience similar to The Hunger Games, or Battle Royal? The team at Xaviant, known for Lichdom: Battlemage has you covered. The culling takes the concepts of an open world survival Battle Royal where only one will survive.
The Culling sets you on a remote island as you join a 16-player free for all as you have 20 minutes to battle for supremacy. You will need to scavenge, craft, and explore to enable you to take on the competition. You must use any means necessary to slay all other players and inevitably come out on top.
In a statement Michael McMain, Founder and CEO of Xaviant said “I asked a small, talented team to come up with their dream game and gave them the autonomy to build it. The Culling is the result of that effort. It has been the highlight of my career!”

The Culling, unlike many other games in the open-world survival genre, it is built from the ground up to be a tightly constructed experience. It manages to deliver a stand-alone FPS title that will thrust players into the action and while maintaining a fluid FPS experience. The Culling will be coming to Steam Early Access on March 8th.